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“None of this would be possible without your continued generosity! Thank you to every person who donated products, finances, time and resources to help make a difference in our world, proving that the Church truly is the answer and that South Africa is a country filled with hope and a great future!” – Pastor At Boshoff

Walking in Her Shoes

During the month of August, we kicked-off women’s month with our Walking in Her Shoes initiative, highlighting the issues and challenges facing women in society, creating awareness as we tackle gender-based violence, rape, abortion, marital problems, abuse and poverty. In honour of #WomensMonth we distributed over 6000 #CRCCares boxes and during these outreaches over 2475 people gave their lives to Jesus! All of this in just one month! People are receiving hope and restoration as we do our part as the Church in our communities!

Woman`s Safety Workshops

As a church we are proactive! We had 2658 ladies attending our CRC Safety Workshop as 17 of our CRC locations connected online. We equipped our CRC Women to take responsibility and be part of the solution as we discussed key social issues and needs like gender-based violence, suicide, and rape! Through this workshop, 177 ladies also gave their lives to JESUS!

Operation CRC Cares

CRC Churches from across the country came together as part of our Operation CRC Cares special project, to help alleviate the pain and suffering caused by the looting and destruction in KZN and Gauteng. Thousands of volunteers, partners, members and staff came together for four weeks, receiving, sorting and packing millions of rands worth of non-perishable items, packing thousands of boxes and filling 15 interlink trucks with essential food items to assist those most in need across KZN and Gauteng.

Monthly Food Support

As a Church, we have pledged to fight poverty, restoring dignity to those who are hurting and suffering. Each month, we provide monthly food packages to hundreds of people in need.

CRC Winter Drive

The purpose of our #CRCCares Winter Drive was to uplift thousands of people in our communities by handing out canned food, blankets and winter clothes, while preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We distributed over 14840 cans, 1376 blankets and 726 large bags filled with gently worn clothes!

Lockdown Box Drive

In 2020 the world experienced a global pandemic, and the President of South Africa called a state of national disaster. Without fear, filled with faith, CRC members across South Africa rallied together to feed and care for the hungry and hurting. Together, we distributed over 50 000 food parcels, each with enough groceries to support and feed a family of four for one month!

Because of your continued generosity and faithful giving, we have fed more than 250 000 people!

‘Let’s continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our world as we take responsibility as a Church and care for those in need both spiritually and physically!’ Pastor At Boshoff


Soup Kitchens

We continue to distribute 150 000 cups of soup at 70 sites across Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Johannesburg a month!!! The church is the light! The church is the answer! The need truly is great and the hour is urgent! Let’s arise and shine!

Stuff Your Trolley Christmas Drive

Our #CRCCares Stuff Your Trolley Christmas Drive was a huge success! We had our first drop off on 31 October, where members brought their donations to church, and our last drop off date was on the 28th of November and we are getting ready to distribute these parcels in our communities!

Thank you to each member who partnered with us! Together we are making a big impact and difference! We can’t wait to hand out these parcels and put a smile on many people’s faces!!!

Together, we were able to bless over 1037 families with Christmas Treat bags making their Christmas extra special.

As part of our Restoration Wall campaign, we distributed over 1578 sports balls to children and families, so they can have fun this festive season.

Baby Drive

We distributed over 1300 baby packs all over South Africa to unemployed mothers, pregnancy crisis centres, public hospitals, children homes for abandoned and abused children and refugees!

We believe the need is the call! Let’s continued to be a blessing to those who do not have, lightning the burden of poverty as we break the yoke in South Africa! We believe for a better and safer South Africa for all women and children!